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The Project Management Office (PMO) is a support function dedicated to ensuring excellence in project management across a program or organization, with the purpose of improving business results.  The PMO succeeds when projects are being completed quickly and reliably without sacrificing the quality of the final product and the work environment to get there.

Regardless of whether at the program or enterprise level, PMOs are sanctioned to improve project management results. PMOs seek to have a positive impact in the following areas:

  • projects have short cycle times and are delivered on time
  • projects deliver high-quality results
  • project work environment is orderly, focused and generally free from chaos and confusion
  • the organization has visibility of project status and an awareness of current key tasks

The role of PMOs vary but often include:

  • standard bearer
  • systems administration
  • trainer
  • administrator and reporter

To fulfill this role, PMOs serve in the following functions:

  • education, training and development
  • technical support and services
  • centralized project reporting/administration
  • resource management

Excellence in project management is indicated by superior project results.  PLG has PMO experience at both the program and enterprise levels. 

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